Re: newby (very) question on XML DB theory

From: ccc31807 <>
Date: 9 Apr 2004 06:26:20 -0700
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Basically, we have a lot of data in documents with a highly irregular structure that we need to make available over networks. Historically, this evolved from printed text documents, to a spreadsheet, to a flat file database, to a real database. The question is: can we do this without the overhead of the RDBMS. My job was not to answer yes or no, but point the decision makers in the direction of the information.

We're fairly well versed in DB stuff but totally ignorant as to XML database possibilities.


"Eric Kaun" <> wrote in message news:<iMhdc.13828$>...
> Of course you can do it that way, although frequently-updated data aren't
> the only data which benefit from a relational database. If you already have
> it in that format, won't need to share the data with other programs, don't
> need much efficiency, won't be doing ad hoc queries, etc. etc., then using
> XPath on text in that format is the quickest way to achieve HTML output.
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