Re: Pizza Example

From: Eric Kaun <>
Date: Wed, 07 Apr 2004 20:15:14 GMT
Message-ID: <mjZcc.9251$>

"Jan Hidders" <> wrote in message news:3DYcc.63541$
> Eric Kaun wrote:
> > 3. As another example, XQuery, may have some accidental incidences of
> > closure, but is primarily a reporting tool, in that its output is text
> > needn't be valid XML or anything else in particular.
> ?? Are you sure you are not confusing XSL and XQuery?

I'll have to find my source - are you saying the output of an XQuery expression is always well-formed XML? I didn't realize that was the case, and thought I remember reading something specifically to the contrary... Received on Wed Apr 07 2004 - 22:15:14 CEST

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