Re: Primary Key Theory Question

From: Laconic2 <>
Date: Sun, 4 Apr 2004 01:32:24 -0500
Message-ID: <>

It is not clear whether the natural universe is, in fact, divided into "objects" with "identity" or not. In some world views, the inherent unity of the universe is real, and the divided state of the universe is, "maya", or illusion.

I don't think this way, myself. But modern physics flirts with this notion every now and then. The nearer our destination, namely finding the ultimate "atomic" particles, the really indivisible ones, the more it keeps slip siding away.

By "atoms", I don't mean those things they figured out how to split in the last century. I mean the things that can't be split, if there are any such. Received on Sun Apr 04 2004 - 08:32:24 CEST

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