Re: Idea for concurrent transactions

From: Paul <>
Date: Wed, 17 Mar 2004 12:44:17 -0000
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> > That sounds like it's much the same as MVCC, with the possible caveat
> > of adding vulnerability to "dirty reads."

> Anyone have any references to papers that describe MVCC? I've
> never been able to dig up something that describes the approach
> in enough detail that I could implement it. (I've read plenty of
> gloss-over-the-details descriptions.)

Two database systems that I know a bit about use MVCC (also called record shadowing or record versioning - I like the shadowing term myself).

The two systems are Interbase/Firebird and PostgreSQL - if you look on at the docs section, you should be able to find stuff that is a bit more than "gloss-over-the-details". Also, on the PostgreSQL site, the docs there might be of help.

I believe that Informix uses it, and also Oracle some of the time.


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