Re: Microsoft and the two great blunders

From: Alfredo Novoa <>
Date: 23 Dec 2003 03:49:14 -0800
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Costin Cozianu <> wrote in message news:<bs2ivp$94vf8$>...

> It has been greatly exagerated, but it is no problem. The theory that it
> is a problem has no relation whatsoever with practice. The same theory
> may have much more serious practical consequences.
> By the way, the way it is presented in that powerpoint, at best you can
> conclude that entity types as in E/R modeling will be equated with
> relation types in relational databases. It is not like Microsoft
> advocaters a table for arbitrary types, like for example the STRINGS table.
> And this approach is, in the general case, the best way to arrange it,
> no doubt about that.

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