Re: ODBC: Is there something called text/csv database?

From: Ed prochak <>
Date: 19 Dec 2003 11:25:40 -0800
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"Public Interest" <> wrote in message news:<x0FEb.491801$>...
> As I open "driver" for ODBC, there is something called "Microsoft Text
> Driver (*.txt; *.csv)"
> Ok, I understand that a .csv is, but I don't understand how ODBC will run
> SQL on a .csv.
> Perl has something called DBI which means it is database independent. Can I
> assume that ODBC/DBI is an interface to MySQL, Access, and CSV? Then will
> DBI act the same regardless what it connects to (Text, CSV, MySQL). If so
> then there is no difference between any database systems. If not so, if I
> use the driver for text database, what limitations will I have? Such as can
> I specify "integer, string, binary" etc for each field. How I can add
> line...
> Can I get a reference for all commands I can use for each database driver
> under ODBC/PerlDBI?
> By the way, do I connect PerlDBI to ODBC or DBI can replace ODBC?
> Thank you.

I cannot speak about ODBC, but PERL DBI is documented in programming the PERL DBI, O'Reilly books, by Alligator Descartes and Tim Bunce

You can also visit the PERL web site at (the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network)

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