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Date: Mon, 15 Dec 2003 15:42:10 -0000
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"Jerry Gitomer" <> wrote in message news:3fd93f22$0$14972$
> Some possible approaches to your problem:
> 1. Put raw data in files and don't move it into the database until it
> is fully validated.
> 2. Have two tables, one for validated data and one for unvalidated
> data. Move after validation complete.
> 3. Add a bit mask column where each bit represents one of the columns
> requiring validation. As a column is validated in a row set the
> appropriate bit in the bit mask. This approach would allow you to
> extract fully validated rows for inclusion in your directory and to
> generate reports, statistical or detailed, on any selected validation
> criteria.

Thanks for the reply Jerry,

I had considered option 2, although I'm not entirely happy with it! Option 3 is an interesting approach, which may be of use for publishing purposes as you say.


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