Re: mini database - educational project

From: Matias Woloski <>
Date: Thu, 28 Aug 2003 15:14:26 -0300
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"Tony Douglas" <> escribió en el mensaje

> Do you have a free hand in what you can use to implement this ? Or
> does it have to be in C or C++ or some other given language ?

We must do it in c or c++.

> Are you only having to use basic domains for attributes
> (integers,strings,etc.) ?

Yes, we should to provide CHAR(XXX), INT, LONG, FLOAT, DOUBLE, TIME, DATE.

> My first instincts would be :
> - a functional programming language of your choice (mine would be
> Haskell)
> - Prolog
> - anything else a far distant third
> The reason being that it is very easy to define new structures and
> operations on them in these languages (for very different reasons).
> The stuff about disks, memory, etc. are as optimisations and/or side
> issues really - unless the task description says otherwise it sounds
> like the "interesting" bit of this is the representation of relations
> you choose and the definition of operators upon them. And that can be
> quite interesting :)

yes, that will be interesting...
I think I will go for the file based approach. Creating temporary files for each query. What file organization schema do you recommend? Direct or Indexed?

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