Re: globals besides relvars?

From: Paul Vernon <paul.vernon_at_ukk.ibmm.comm>
Date: Tue, 29 Jul 2003 17:39:09 +0100
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"Bob Badour" <> wrote in message news:j4yVa.1421$
> > TTM has 'local' variables. Personally I'm not at all sure we need them.
> > I don't think that a relational programming language would have them.
> > A Functional program has no variables at all - right?
> I don't know of any database management systems that are not imperative.

OK, but I'm not talking about any currently existing DBMS here.

> Imperative languages have variables.

Yes, but are imperative languages a good match for DMBSes? I'd suggest that it is *because* they have variables that they are not a good match. People look at those local variables and start wanting them in the database. They create an artificial split between data in the database and data not in the database. We want all data to be only in the database.

All in all, something more functional would work better.

Paul Vernon
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