Using Databases in my Apps

From: mauricebrown <>
Date: 2 Jul 2003 07:00:32 -0700
Message-ID: <>

I have a few questions as to how or what is the best way to implement databases into my visual basic apps.

Here are the two challenges for me. I need to create a database that will be integrated with my executable. In other words i need to be able to create an app so that when i install it, it will have its own local database without having to create one from scratch on each computer. Any advice or reference materials, books, etc. will be helpful.

Later once, my company gets its network up i need to start learning how to optimize my VB program to work on a server i guess. Is this a difficult task?
I was thinking it may be best to create the app on our intranet with javascript and asp instead of VB, thinking this may be easier. My fear is that i will have to use Microsoft Transaction Server in order to use my app over the network. i was thinking that using a browser to create the app might be easier.

The apps that i'm creating are just simple little quizes that employees will take to test their knowledge on different subjects. NOthing very complex.

Thanks! If you have any references or good books on the subject let me know. if the tasks are too big for a beginner to learn in a few months let me know that also. Thanks! Received on Wed Jul 02 2003 - 16:00:32 CEST

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