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Date: Wed, 19 Mar 2003 09:27:50 -0800
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Learn a lot about other (and more robust) DBMSs. Study SQL flavors.
Read a good book (read it a few times) about one specific DBMS. Read many other books about many other DBMSs. Learn to use crazy data (who the hell designed this? kinda stuff). Know the command line for every application you use.

HTH, Greg

Bob Shea wrote:
> Hello, My name is Bob Shea, and I am considering a career in
> databases, I was wondering if anyone in the group have any suggestions
> and hints for entering this field. I am currently a student in
> college majoring in information systems and we study Access 2000
> Database a lot. Please respond with any pointers you may have.
> Thank You,
> Bob Shea
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