Re: Database design qn for one-to-many relationship

From: Anthony Youngman <>
Date: 12 Mar 2003 03:16:18 -0800
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karl wettin <> wrote in message news:<>...
> On 11 Mar 2003 01:16:04 -0800
> (Anthony Youngman) wrote:
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> > > So your choises are speed or a good looking RDB. If you still can't
> > > make up your mind you might want to consider using an OODB.
> > >
> > Or a Multi-Value db. If you want to keep the number of tables down, MV
> > is almost perfect, as you - should - use one table per entity, and you
> > can store both attributes *AND* relationships in this one table.
> That sounds interesting. Could you recommend one? I'm using Java.
Well, I'm project leader (in name, not much else) of MaVerick, which is writing an open-source MV database (written in Java, actually :-) Go to for that.

There's a version called jBASE (go to, IBM have the U2 databases UniVerse and UniData, and there's "the original", now called D3 by RainingData but used to be Pick by Pick Systems.

I'd say go to IBM, download the Personal Edition of UniVerse, and play with it, but that's my bias because that's the version I know and understand.

Apart from D3, all the others are available as a freebie download, although only MaVerick is Free, the others aren't licenced for commercial use.

I've added comp.databases.pick to the cross-post - you might well need some help to get started and you'll find plenty of help there

This is the link for UniVerse Personal Edition -

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