Re: Checking normalisation

From: Guillermo Andrés Labatte <>
Date: Thu, 20 Feb 2003 11:06:10 -0300
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Discussing normalization without mentioning the set of functional dependencies among attributes is meaningless.

For instance, if this functional dependence existed:

Postcode -> City

then Customer relation would not be in third normal form.

Dag2070 wrote:
> the database is a college project for a warehouse business who sell many
> items. i am very new at normalisation, so i was wondering if someone can
> check and suggest any changes.
> Customer [CustomerID, Customer Name, Business Name, Address1,
> Address2, City, Postcode, Delivery Address1, Delivery
> Address2, Delivery City, Delivery Postcode, Telephone]
> Order Info [OrderID, CustomerID, Order Date, Delivered Date]
> Order Items [OrderID, ItemID, Quantity, Selling Price]
> Item [ItemID, Item Name, Description, Quantity, Actual Price, Stock
> Level]
> Normalisation has to be upto 3rd normal form
> thanks in advance for any help
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