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From: Jason W. Paul <>
Date: Tue, 11 Feb 2003 22:00:04 -0500
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"Jerry Gitomer" <> wrote in message
> Philip wrote:


> > 1.. List four or five of your most revealing questions and the
> Sure,
> Just tell the instructor that all of the major RDBMS products
> are roughly equivalent in terms of capability and that the
> differences are only significant when dealing with an
> enterprise-wide RDBMS for a humongous organization. Therefore
> the most revealing questions are:

In reality, these actually translate into:

> 1. "Which vendor do you prefer?".
> Responses: IBM,Microsoft, Oracle, Sybase, other.

  1. Which vendor gives you the best mousepads/coffeemugs/pens/t-shirts/ and other useless crud they "give" you to try and swing a sale. If they take you out to dinner, they're immediately bumped to the "short list"

> 2. "Whose salesperson are you most inclined to believe?"
> Responses: IBM,Microsoft, Oracle, Sybase, other.

2. Which vendor tells the best lies.

> 3. "Whose sales support person (you know the one that you
> never, ever see again after the contract is signed) is most
> impressive?"
> Responses: IBM,Microsoft, Oracle, Sybase, other.

3. Who charges the least per "support incident" -- regardless

    of the quality of said "support"

These are *really* the questions that management seems to ask. 10 years as a practicing database developer tells me so!

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