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Date: Mon, 10 Feb 2003 22:45:11 -0500
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Philip wrote:
> Hello,
> Can anyone help me figure out what kind of questions are good in a scenario
> like the one below?? I am pretty new to this and want to make sure I am on
> the right track?
> Thanks.
> Phil
> Assume that "management" has requested that you research the pros and cons
> of implementing a DBMS. Imagine conducting (or conduct) an interview with
> "management" (this could be a self-interview if you are in a decision making
> position of a small or one person enterprise), where you discover what
> functions they expect a DBMS to serve, what impact they would like it to
> have (financial, improved efficiency etc.), in other words what the
> "mission" of the database would be. Part One
> 1.. List four or five of your most revealing questions and the responses


        Just tell the instructor that all of the major RDBMS products are roughly equivalent in terms of capability and that the differences are only significant when dealing with an enterprise-wide RDBMS for a humongous organization. Therefore the most revealing questions are:

  1. "Which vendor do you prefer?". Responses: IBM,Microsoft, Oracle, Sybase, other.
  2. "Whose salesperson are you most inclined to believe?" Responses: IBM,Microsoft, Oracle, Sybase, other.
  3. "Whose sales support person (you know the one that you never, ever see again after the contract is signed) is most impressive?" Responses: IBM,Microsoft, Oracle, Sybase, other.
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