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From: Alan Gutierrez <>
Date: Tue, 11 Feb 2003 02:20:26 GMT
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Daniel Dudley wrote:

> "--CELKO--" wrote in message

>> >> Are all these questions about trees for real?
>> Or is Mr Celko just trying to plug his book? <<
>> Yes.  Yes. :)

> I trust the contents of your book will be far less
> ambiguous than your answer, Joe. ;-)
> BTW, the same questions occurred to me too. Being a very
> anti-spam chap, I'd advise authors not to *continually*
> spam their (upcoming) publications in newsgroups. An
> announcement of publication in appropriate NGs is generally
> acceptable to the NG communities.

For the record, I was only joking when I suggested that all tree questions may not be for real. They are frequently asked questions because storing heirarchical data in a relational model is an a common task with no obvious solutions.

BTW, if an author is providing an answer to a a question in a public newsgroup, it is not spam to mention their book as the source of that answer. In this situation the book mention is solicited and on-topic. I would advise authors to take advantage of the marketing opportunity of Usenet by providing valuable assistance to people in return of a brief and on-topic mention of their text.

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