Re: tree model data

From: Alan Gutierrez <>
Date: Mon, 10 Feb 2003 15:28:16 GMT
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redbeam wrote:

> I have hierarchical data ( tree model ) which are stored in relational
> database. How to organize indexes of relational database to achieve
> maximum performance of item searching ?

Please go to Google Groups and look at one of the dozens of discussions of hierarchical data that have transpried in the last two months.

Are all these questions about trees for real? Or is Mr Celko just trying to plug his book?

Mr Celko will tell you that he has a book called TREES & HEIRARCHIES IN SQL later this year. For some of his thoughts on the subject start here:,289483,sid13_gci537290,00.html,289483,sid13_gci801943,00.html

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