Re: DBMS (RDBMS vs ODBMS vs ORDMS) comparision

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Date: Thu, 6 Feb 2003 07:45:12 +0000 (UTC)
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> Hi,
> Do any one know where I can find info about how RDBMS vs ODBMS vs ORDMS
> compares. Also I need sources where I can find software to use with these
> Management Systems. I'm new to these technologies and I need to do some
> research, can you lead me to get the most recent info???
> Thanx,
> Juan Pablo


I have a couple of links on my resources page:


For a comparison of all three technologies, I would suggest the tutorial from Jens Coldewey: (3.7 MB)

Help yourself to one or two of my tutorials as well:

Note: Most of the comparisons available are not very recent. Searching around on google, you may find more up-to-date stuff.

For software, you should probably start at Cetus for the huge number of links:

Note: Some of the pages at Cetus have not been maintained and links may be out-of-date/unavailable.


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