Re: QUESTION: List array, graph or network model support DB

From: David Cressey <>
Date: Sat, 14 Dec 2002 13:58:01 GMT
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> if you mean by "ideal" that it runs on Unix and crashes all the time and
> needs a bazillion DBA's to keep them running and you want to constantly
> recover your database and your data files, then you can have ideal.

A little background on my original comment might be in order. I don't tend to use the term "ideal" myself, much.

I was referring to a comment made fairly frequently in this forum, to the effect that "A commercial Relational Databse system has never been built." These people exclude Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, Informix, Interbase, yada yada, because all of them fail, in one way or another to live up to the "ideal" of a truly relational system. I have a hard time with such terminological rigidity, myself. One can say that all those products aren't perfect relational products, but one shouldn't, in my view, say that they "aren't even relational".

My comment was really useful in the context of my earlier point. I should have skipped over it completely. But then I would have drawn the usual response from the usual suspects.

Most people in this forum never heard of DEC Rdb. But that's due to Ken Olsen's marketing vision, which is drawn straight from "Field of Dreams." (You know, "build it, and they will come.") If the purists learned about DEC Rdb , they would find some flaw in it, too.

Incidentally, I've seen some very, very well built and well run Oracle databases, and I've seen some very wretchedly run Rdb databases. There's a spectrum, no matter which product you name.

> Give me Rdb where you need < 1/2 the DBA's, it doesn't crash all the
> time and you almost never restore from backup -- and if you do you can
> restore a single page (define as <n>-512byte disk blocks) instead of an
> entire file or tablespace -- and it runs on the best OS and hardware
> architecture in the world - OpenVMS on Alpha. Still runs circles around
> Oracle RDBMS on any platform.
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