Integrate OODBMS into OO-language(O++/Depot)

From: James <>
Date: 13 Dec 2002 03:18:07 -0800
Message-ID: <>

We were a small company with only two people. my partner and I have been try to integrate database into OOL language. we already spent a year on such project. But it is too large for us. At last we have to give up, but I think the idea maybe useful to some one here who are interesting in OODB and OOL.

Here is the main point of the project. if you are interesting. please email me at

1.Object-oriented database need to be integrated into OOL to success.   Computer industry goes into two different way to solve one problem   -persistent object storing.
  Seperation of data and code was the base of seperation of database   and language. But it is changed by integrated data and code as object.

2.OODBMS was told to is going to replace RDBMS for a decade. but this   have not happen. (as we think) because OOL are not well developed to   accept database. Now Java and C# (.NET) is closest to such goal.

3.Object-oriented language need add new elements to natively support   persistent object storage, Aggregated object management, template   class creation. and the way class is inherited and extended.

4.We have too many object storage model. From large to small as   Database, flat file, ini file, register file and XML file. Integrate   a scalable,distributed OODBMS in language level can unify this   storage model.

5. Object-id need be a new element of OOL. Object-id is an entend of  pointer of c and a extent of object reference. it but it can cross  machine(actually cross different process). From language even hardware  level consider this will highly improve the oodb performance.

6. Collection id need be the new element of OOL. OOL can use collection operate instead of SQL/OQL operate group of object in some case.

7. Database is a center storage model.It should be instead with

   distributed scalable data depot model. Every small data depot can cach,    reference object in any other data depot.

8. We name the new language as O++ (means OOL plus ) and name the database as object-depot( means scable and distributed object storage). but most of the above can also implement in current language like java and C++. but if implement in a new language will improve performence. Received on Fri Dec 13 2002 - 12:18:07 CET

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