Re: Creating MY own database with C++ and of course WinAPI

From: Greg Boland <>
Date: Tue, 03 Dec 2002 22:39:21 GMT
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Sorry, to answer you're question--there's a book by Al Stevens in which you develop the database in C++. It's probably out of print, but I'm sure there are used copies around. I probably still have one but will never be able to find it. It was called something like C++ Database Development. It takes you through the whole process of building the DB.

"holych_at_pin" <holy&> wrote in message
> How would I do this? My own text file of records. Maybe a CD
> collection:
> ITEM # 1 Carpenter, Mary Chapin|Hometown Girl|CBS Records|1987
> 1. A Lot Like Me
> 2. Other Streets and Other Towns
> 3. Blah Blah...
> ITEM # 2 Carpenter, Mary Chapin|State of the Heart|CBS Records|1989
> 1. How Do
> 2. Something of A Dreamer.
> 3. Blah Blah...
> I would like to have a program that would allow the user to type in
> these titles (ENTER ARTIST NAME (last, first) ), (ENTER CD TITLE:).
> And then you could also add a picture of the CD artwork, sound clips,
> etc).
> I know it would require WinAPI to create Windows..and I'm learning
> it..and I know some major things about C++. However I don't want to
> use Access or MySQL or any of that stuff..I just want to use a txt
> file or several txtfiles, maybe database.dat or something.
> I know it would require looping, WinAPI, parsing, saving to the file,
> searching, etc.
> If you have any ideas please help. Thanks.
> ~Jared
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