Re: Creating MY own database with C++ and of course WinAPI

From: Greg Boland <>
Date: Tue, 03 Dec 2002 22:29:33 GMT
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"holych_at_pin" <holy&> wrote in message
> How would I do this? My own text file of records. Maybe a CD
> collection:
> ITEM # 1 Carpenter, Mary Chapin|Hometown Girl|CBS Records|1987
> 1. A Lot Like Me
> 2. Other Streets and Other Towns
> 3. Blah Blah...
> ITEM # 2 Carpenter, Mary Chapin|State of the Heart|CBS Records|1989
> 1. How Do
> 2. Something of A Dreamer.
> 3. Blah Blah...
> I would like to have a program that would allow the user to type in
> these titles (ENTER ARTIST NAME (last, first) ), (ENTER CD TITLE:).
> And then you could also add a picture of the CD artwork, sound clips,
> etc).
> I know it would require WinAPI to create Windows..and I'm learning
> it..and I know some major things about C++. However I don't want to
> use Access or MySQL or any of that stuff..I just want to use a txt
> file or several txtfiles, maybe database.dat or something.
> I know it would require looping, WinAPI, parsing, saving to the file,
> searching, etc.
> If you have any ideas please help. Thanks.
> ~Jared

I agree with Alex for all the reasons he stated. Also, if you're learning the Windows API AND C++, you've got a lot of work ahead of you, so why mess with data management? But then again, for the application you described, why not use tools that are higher up on the food chain? Like VB, JAVA, or C##? Or just Access for that matter. Or is this a learning project? I often develop an app like you described just to get my mind around the development tools.

Best of luck,

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