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From: D Guntermann <>
Date: Wed, 13 Nov 2002 21:15:35 GMT
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> > >Could there be such a thing as "conceptual encapsulation"?
> >
> > Exactly! My compliments. You are asking the right questions. I would say
> > that term encapsulation in a logical conceptual data model is a
> > contradiction in terms. This is actually one of the best and deepest
> > arguments I know against the use of OO data models as logical data
> Agreed. This is Date saying about the same thing (I think)
> Encapsulation Is a Red Herring
> C.J.Date
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Thanks for the reference.

Date has mentioned/hinted/eluded to a new revised definition for 1NF that I assume takes into account his acceptance of nested relations as attribute values. Any pointers to a definitive reference in this regard? I don't have TTM, unfortuntately.


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