Re: Normal Forms and BCNF

From: Kasp <>
Date: 13 Nov 2002 07:58:17 -0800
Message-ID: <> (Jan Hidders) wrote in message news:<3dd16a5e$>...
> Kasp wrote:
> >Hi,
> >I am a little confused with Normal Forms and BCNF.
> >I have some relations and I am trying to determine it's normal form. I
> >also need to decompose it to BCNF forms...Any help would be
> >appreciated.
> We don't just simply give answers here because that way you wouldn't learn
> anything. But if you tell us what you do and do not understand of the
> definitions of the normal forms and the procedures to obtain them, we will
> be glad to give you some hints about what it is your instructor tried to
> tell you.
> -- Jan Hidders

Hi Jan,
I have read the book. But I can't get started on even one question. How do I go about it?

I find it pretty easy to understand with book examples...but A<B<C<D make it cryptic. Can you please explain how to do any one? Thanks Received on Wed Nov 13 2002 - 16:58:17 CET

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