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Date: Wed, 13 Nov 2002 11:27:56 -0000
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> >Do you have a reference that explores the err, 'pros/cons' of recursive
> In some sense all the research that is being done on storing semistructured
> data or XML in databases is basically an exercise in storing nested data for
> which we don't know the nesting depth.

Thanks Jan.
I was afraid that you'd point me in that direction. I notice that the latest Systems Journal is dedicated to 'Information Integration' and includes a number of XML+Relational articles. I guess I should bite the bullet and see what the great and the good have been upto on reconciling a extremely messy language with relational. :-)

> What is also interesting is the work in type theory that was done already in
> the past (thing Algol) on recursive types. That turned not to be so
> difficult as one might expect. Think subsumption for DFAs. If you want a
> reference for more recent work:

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