Re: View updating in practice?

From: Jens Lechtenbörger <>
Date: 11 Nov 2002 09:23:45 +0100
Message-ID: <>

"Bob Badour" <> writes:

> "Jens Lechtenbörger" <> wrote in message
> > Daniel Morgan <> writes:
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> > The question is the following: How dangerous are clueless users? If
> > view updates are triggered from applications, then the application
> > designer hopefully guarantees that the right things happen. If
> > users access the database via SQL, they might delete valuable data.
> How dangerous? Very. However, I do not see the difference between a clueless
> user deleting valuable data from a base table and a clueless user deleting
> valuable data from a view. I see this as an issue for the dbms' security
> function.

My point is the following: With views, even users with a clue might not have a chance to understand their actions.

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