Re: relational tables and objects

From: Jan Hidders <>
Date: 31 Oct 2002 23:17:06 +0100
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Dm. Arapov wrote:
>"Jan Hidders" <> wrote:
>> Just for my understanding, your library doesn't provide persistency, does
>> it?
>The library neither provides persistency, nor prohibits it. It is
>parameterized with a class, which function is to provide implementation of
>tables. [...] Our design goal was to allow users have their own
>implementations of tables and indexes. RTL makes possible to have different
>implementations for different tables. [...]

Ok. But would I then not also have to override/reimplement the relational operators (like GROUP BY or JOIN) to take the specific implementation into account?

>>in almost all cases a more specific data structure will perform better.
>Sure. It is an axiom, that in assembly language everything can be coded to
>perform better. It simply takes too long to tailor specific data structure
>for each case.

Axioms usually don't have empirical evidence. :-) But your argument works of course in both ways. Why would I use this library if I can use RDBMSs without the need of filling in templates or defining derived classes?

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