Re: Alternative method to normilize tabels ...

From: joske_at_home <>
Date: Wed, 23 Oct 2002 16:46:06 GMT
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>>Orig table:
>>ORIG ( pk X, pk Y, Z, data, ...) attribute 'data' depends on X AND Z
>>After split ...
>>ORIG (fpkX, pkY)
>>NEW (pkX,pkZ, data)
>>Does it make sence?
>Almost; you should also leave the column Z in the original relation. The
>general rule is that if you split off a dependency X1,..Xn -> Y1,..,Ym then
>1. in the original table you remove Y1,..,Ym
>2. you create a new table with columns X1,..,Xn,Y1,..Ym

Aah ... yes, ofcourse ... otherwise I lose my reference to the originating tabel ...

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