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From: Daniel Dudley <>
Date: Wed, 23 Oct 2002 14:10:02 GMT
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> Ian <> wrote:
> >Hi all. Over the past few weeks, I'am starting to hear alot more
> >about spatial database, and my question is, What are they, and
> >how do they differ to RDBMS, and when would you use them over
> >the relation database?
> * What are they?
> A spatial DBMS is a DBMS that has special support for storing
> spatial (or other multidimensional) data. Roughly that means that
> it (1) has special indexing methods for this data, (2) has special
> operators in its query language to query this data (or even a
> special graphical query interface), (3) knows how to do query
> optimization for these special operators and (4) has ways to
> present the spatial data in the result of a query in a
> user-friendly way on your screen or some other medium.
> * How do they differ from RDBMSs?
> An RDBMS can be a spatial DBMS if it supports the right features,
> and socan an OODBMS or an ORDBMS. So it is not a matter of
> choosing between an RDBMS and an SDBMS.
> >Does anybody have any links to information on Spatial databases?
> There's a nice lightweight tutorial on-line:
> Another interesting (but more theoretical) introduction:
> Paredaens, J., "Spatial Databases, The Final Frontier,"
> Proceedings of 1995 International Conference of Database Theory,
> (edited by G. Gottlob and M. Vardi), pp. 14-32, Lecture Notes in
> Computer Science 893, Springer-Verlag, 1995.
> For an example of spatial extensions in commercial (O)RDBMSs
> see for example the Oracle Spatial Option in Oracle 9i:
> al_ds.html

NCA's HDF project has som its mission:

    "To develop, promote, deploy, and support open and free     technologies that facilitate scientific data exchange,     access, analysis, archiving and discovery."

That seems to fit the bill, Jan. ;-)

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