Re: Optimistic Concurrency Question:

From: (wrong string) öder <>
Date: 21 Oct 2002 10:55:09 GMT
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The DBMS from my company, Mimer SQL, supports optimistic concurrency control.

When a conflict is detected, your transaction will be rolled back. The application can then try the transaction again.

You can read more about it here: (Matt C) wrote in <Xns92AB7AAFDF79Fcanimalmydejacom_at_68.12.19.6>:

>How do you guys manage conflict resolution w/ optimistic concurrency?
>I've never bothered with this before (shame on me yes). I have a little
>project coming up that I am going to try using OC with conflict
>resolution. I have to say, standing outside the gate it sure looks like
>more trouble than it is worth.
>What is best practice for resolving update conflicts? I am thinking of
>a Conflict Detected form containing conflicting data the user can save
>or write down, followed by an automatic reset of the data to the state
>of the most-recently-saved record. Kind of ugly, but best I can think
>of offhand. Is there a smarter way?

/Per Schröder
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