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From: RayK <>
Date: Wed, 02 Oct 2002 08:55:59 GMT
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Jackal wrote in

> Hello Ray,
> One employee has done several jobs in the past:
> Employee 1-n JobHistory
> One employee has several CV's:
> Employee 1-n CV
> One CV refers to several jobs in the Job history of de Employee:
> CV 1-n JobHistory
> Translated to tables and their primary keys:
> Employee(empid, ...) -- employees
> JobHistory (empid, jobid, ...) -- employees job history //
> (empid) refers to employee
> CV(empid,cvid, ...) -- employees cv's // (empid)
> refers to employee
> CVJobHistory(empid, cvid, jobid, ...) -- Jobs on cv's //
> (empid,cvid) refers to CV; (empid,jobid) to JobHistory
> (this last table represents the relationship CV 1-n JobHistory )
> I hope this helps;
> I hope I have understood your problem :-)
> Regards,
> Carlos

Thanks a lot for helping me out on this one - it is driving me nuts!

You have understood my problem spot on but there is one thing that I am not understanding.My Staff department want to create several Cv's for each employee. Each CV will have a selection of past jobs on it, tailoring the CV for the client.

The details of a job will contain items like StartDate, EndDate, Details. If these fields were put in the JobHistory table it would mean I would have to repeat data several times. It appears to me I need a seperate Job table to hold the basic job details - but I don't know how to fit this in to the database, if its needed at all!

Thanks again

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