Re: Should I use database foreign keys and indexes

From: Costin Cozianu <>
Date: 11 Jul 2002 08:29:06 -0700
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If they are debating this, they should be fired because they're stupid, ignorant, idiots, and on top of that they are proud of it. Nobody is worse than people who take pride in their ignorance.

The "right" solution is to have them fired. If they were professing in a domain such as helthcare, they wouldn't have gotten that far without minimum knowledge. If they can't be fired they should be sent at summer courses, evening classes, etc, to get a minimum education about their profession.

Costin (Carl) wrote in message news:<>...
> I recently had a discussion with several web application developers
> where I work about the use of foreign keys and table indexes.
> I always thought that they were both basic elements of relational
> database modeling and should be included in all of your database
> designs. I was suprised that they felt that foreign keys and indexes
> add unnecessary complexity to a database and that they never use
> foreign key constraints and rarely use indexes as a primary key. I
> would like to know your thoughts on using foreign keys and indexes in
> a database. The pros and cons I have thought of thus far are:
> Foreign Keys Constraints:
> Pro:
> Provide referential integrity
> Con:
> May have to disable when you are doing mass updates
> Table Indexes as Primary Key:
> Pro:
> Unique reference to the table so that a change to a datafield
> doesn't require a change to all tables that reference it
> Con:
> May have to do a table join to search on a particular table field
> Please add any comments you have.
> Thanks,
> Carl
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