Re: The Theoretical Foundations of the Relational Model

From: Jan.Hidders <>
Date: 4 Jul 2002 10:37:59 +0200
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In article <>, Thomas Beale <> wrote:
>Jan.Hidders wrote:
>>Sure. You can simulate RM in an OO model and you can simulate the data part
>>of an OO model in RM. I might also claim that many OO models are in some
>>sense very limited relational models because they only have binary
>>relationships. What's your point?
>what makes you think that OO models do not have n-ary relationships?

Because if they did they would be object-relational models. :-) But seriously, (althoug I'm only half kidding there) note that I said "many" and not "all". I'm quite aware that the UML object model supports n-ary relationships, but I'm not sure if that is relevant here because as far as I know there is no database that uses it as its primary data model and we are discussing this in the context of databases and not data models in general.

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