Re: Who yields - client or developer? Your opinion

From: Graham Bellamy <>
Date: Thu, 30 May 2002 04:58:44 +1000
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It's not that it doesn't work in a form (though it would be nice if it accepted the Me keyword, or even better, simply the control name, but that's another thing). It's that I really need to use it (or an equivalent method) in a query. The reason is that this Ingredient Rate is used to calculate the quantity, and from that the cost of the ingredient. Then I need to calculate the total cost of all ingredients for the item, then the total cost of all items in the job. Then I would be able to create various types of cost reports.

"Tom Ellison" <> wrote in message
> Dear Graham:
> I was not thinking of putting the Eval() not only in a query, but in a formula on your
> that calculates the quantity extension.
> What isn't working about it?
> Tom Ellison
> Microsoft Access MVP
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