Re: Object support in the relational model??

From: Carl Rosenberger <>
Date: Mon, 27 May 2002 16:58:34 +0200
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Dan Muller wrote:
> But usual OODB practice is to treat
> relations as classes, which really obscures the entire relational model and
> hides its most useful features from application programmers. Coupled with
> the practice of moving database constraint logic out of the database system
> and into the objects, this approach can be a disaster. (That's another
> unintended invitation to a flamefest, btw. :> )

Indeed. :-)

I could answer:
"Moving object business logic from objects to the database usually ends up in a disaster."
(please ignore)

A more useful answer:
Maybe we are still missing the right approach in our object-oriented programming languages, as we know them today. Indeed it is very difficult to come up with a design, that lasts to be reused with multiple different applications.

Maybe inheritance is the wrong approach and we need a more loosely coupled system of dynamic delegates. (Tables and relations? :-) )

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