Re: Who yields - client or developer? Your opinion

From: Albert D. Kallal <>
Date: Thu, 23 May 2002 07:36:43 GMT
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"Tom Ellison" <> wrote in message

> - the hard line on price ruins relationships with the customer and doesn't
> to further work.
> - a good product can't be built on a fixed bottom line, and I won't build
> anything less

The above two points are very good points indeed. So many projects fail due to the lack of resources (time and money). Hence, to do something right, ones needs enough time. You of course are telling me that you want to build good software, and that is a very good attitude.

However, the reality is that we all have to live with limits. The reality is that we all must deal with deadlines. The results of this is that we have to build a "function spec". We also have to limit the features we want. If we did not have budgets, and did not have deadlines, then there would be no problems.

I perhaps was a bit tough on the original post in this thread. However, it really is my desire to point out that everything ones does, and every feature added does cost time. One simply cannot ignore the fact that features = cost = time.

The answer to the original question is much easer then to explain what the Matrix is....

I good article on specs can be found at:

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