Re: Normalization, Natural Keys, Surrogate Keys

From: Sebastiano Pilla <>
Date: Wed, 22 May 2002 21:33:54 +0200
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Sybrand Bakker <> wrote:

> "Sebastiano Pilla" <> wrote in message
> > Pablo Sanchez <pablo_at_dev.null> wrote:
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> > > (btw, you should use singular rather than plural for table names.
> > > <g>)
> >
> > Slightly tangential to the thread in case, and all-seriouts question:
> > why?
> Because the ocurrences of the entity are named plural.
> So you have an entity EMPLOYEE and the ocurrences of the entity are called
That's what I was expecting, and it makes sense; however I've always used the opposite reasoning: each row of EMPLOYEES represents a single EMPLOYEE, so usually my table names are plural.

In the end I don't think it matters that much, as long as one sticks to one convention and uses it consistently.

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