Re: Avoiding New Fields Causing Ambiguity Errors

From: Lennart Jonsson <>
Date: 7 May 2002 14:47:24 -0700
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> Title: Avoiding New Fields Causing Ambiguity Errors
> There is the possibility when adding a new field that an existing
> query(s) in an application(s) might "break" due to field name
> ambiguity being introduced. Other than relying on regression testing,
> approaches to avoid or reduce this include:
> 1. Have a systematic way to check for fields with the same name(s) as
> the candidate field(s) already in the schema somewhere. This may lead
> to names like "X_status" and "X_title" instead of "status" and "title"
> where "X" is the table name. (This practice makes queries simpler in
> many cases anyhow.)
> 2. Have the query engine *ignore* duplicates by picking the oldest
> table and/or fields, or even have ranks assigned to tables or fields
> in case there is a conflict. This is probably not a perfect solution,
> but may reduce the chances of behavior change. (Of course, this should
> be an optional switch.)
> 3. Toss SQL in favor of other relational query languages. (Not likely
> to happen any time soon, but I thought I would include it for the heck
> of it.)
> Is there any "best practices" standards that deal with this issue?

Best I can think of is to always qualify tabls and columns as in:

select, from c, myscheme.drivers d ...

just my 3 skr thoughts

> Thanks, -T.O.P.head-
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