Re: Basic help needed: how does indexing work...?!

From: Robert Stearns <>
Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2002 12:18:56 -0500
Message-ID: <>

I would need to know more about your needs before I could make a reasonable recommendation. Are you trying to index just the headwords of your dictionary or all of the definitions (quotes, examples, etc.; see OEDV2 on CD to see what complete indexing is like). You mentioned a PDA: are you going to compress your data, either before or after indexing? Is speed of retrieval more important either space or time of indexing? Is the dictionary: static; slow growth only; adds and deletes? Does the indexing have to be done on the PDA or will it be done on some type of faster processor?

Lars Grunewaldt wrote:
> OK, in short. I'm developing a database application (in fact, call it
> dictionary). No, not just an application running on MySql, Sybase,
> Ingres, Oracle. I *must* do this without (lets just say, PDA stuff. have
> a look at sourceforge if you'd like.
> It may be possible that my database size gets so large that I'd need
> indicies on my text entries. So, I would need some clues about "how to
> index".
> I know a little bit about hash theories, but, what I need is a Book
> advice, some newsgroups I could dig through, websites, whatever.
> I searched google, where I could find anything else 'til now.
> But: I'm stuck.
> If you know some good books, or websites, docs to read, samples,
> opensource libraries...?
> regards,
> Lars
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