Re: Artificial Primary keys

From: Bernard Peek <>
Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2002 12:51:04 +0000
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In message <a35ik2$ri2$>, Jan Emil Larsen <> writes

>>But there
>> is no obvious relation between the value of the surrogate and the object
>> which it claims to identify, making it very difficult to detect that an
>> error has been made.
>As such an error can not be made, there is no need to detect it!

If you can declare that a surrogate key can't be recorded incorrectly then I can declare that a natural key can't be receded incorrectly, which removes your last objection to using natural keys.

>You must be thinking of how to communicate with the user, or perhaps
>relationships established through FK's.
>There is a very obvious relation between the value of the (surrogate) and
>the object: its at PK.
>From this it follows that the dependent attributes can/should be used to
>communicate with the user (Name, Address etc.)

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