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From: Nis Jorgensen <>
Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2002 15:58:23 +0100
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On 30 Jan 2002 03:36:11 -0800, (Harshad) wrote:

>Hi All,
> This question I found in one of the exam papers.
>Q> Consider a bank database with only one relation
> transaction(transno, acctno, date, amount)
> The amount attribute value is positive for deposits and negative for
> (a) Define an SQL view TP containing the information (acctno,
>, T2.amount) for every pair of transactions T1, T2 such that T1
>an T2 are transactions on same account and the date of T2 is <= date
>of T1.
> (b) Using only the above view TP, write a query to find for each
>account the minimum balance it ever reached (not including the balance
>when the account is created). Assume there is atmost one transaction
>per day on each account, and each account has had atleast one
>transaction since it was created.
> To simplify your query, break it up into 2 steps by defining an
>intermediate view V.
> For the (a) part I feel the query to be as follows:
> create view TP(acctno,, T2.amount)
> as (select T1.acctno,, T2.amount
> from transaction as T1, transaction as T2
> where T1.acctno = T2.acctno
> and <=
> Please check the query for (a) I have written. And suggest me query
>for part (b).

This looks OK, except for possible typos. I would normally use ANSI join syntax, but your solution looks OK.

Now create a view containing the account balance on each day, and select the minimum.

Nis Jorgensen

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