Re: Normalisation versus optimisation

From: Jan Emil Larsen <>
Date: Thu, 3 Jan 2002 16:21:03 +0100
Message-ID: <a11ssv$fgq$>

"James" <> skrev i en meddelelse news:<>...
> > > Because XDb is fast and flexible, denormalization is rarely necessary.
> > > Download your free copy from
> >
> > This seems to me a bit off-topic. A question on
> > normalization/denormalization in relation to a RDBMS was raised
> A rdb is a subset of oodb.

No, or: irrelevant.

> > What do you btw mean by "(de)normalization " in an objeckt-oriented
> > (even if it "is rarely necessary")....
> I was suggesting that if one sees the solution in terms of objects, it
> is easier to determine a normalized design.

True!, but do you know why?

>As data complexity
> increases one will need to begin denormalizing earlier with a rdb than
> with an oodb typically due to performance degradation.

False, meaningless, <even more ugly words...>

What DO you mean by (de)normalization in an object-oriented database? What DO you mean by (de)normalization in any case?

I really don't see your point, apart from promoting some product of your own. Received on Thu Jan 03 2002 - 16:21:03 CET

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