Re: pros and cons of using stored procedures

From: Roberto Padovani <>
Date: Sat, 08 Sep 2001 13:44:32 GMT
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On 07 Sep 2001 15:47:56 -0700, Rusty Wright <rusty_at_socrates.Berkeley.EDU> wrote:

>Can anyone recommend a book, web page, etc. that explains the pros and
>cons of using stored procedures, as opposed to putting the code in
>your front-end code? The background info is that a group of us are
>designing a database and we'll be using Oracle, and for the front-end
>we'll be using a web interface probably with the PHP scripting
>language as the glue.
>One of the people on the team is a proponent of using stored
>procedures and another is against it. Obviously, none of us are
>database experts and I'd like to be able to read up on stored
>procedures so that we can argue the issue intelligently.
 whenever i look for that kind of info i start from
i've found links for almost everything i ever needed for my db related questions. That's NOT my site, i'm not advertising, and i don't know Pal directly... i just found there a lot of links to interesting resources and, most of all, Pal has been very kind answering to my email.

personally, as we're also working on a project based on the three db (interbase) - php - web, i've also come into the same question: SPs or not? I took care of the db side of the project and i decided to use them as much as possible.... you can find an article about SPs on interbase web site, that applies to SPs in general, too.

i actually haven't found drawbacks in SPs, so if your group is pointing out something against SPs, well i'll be pleased if you could let me know that.... we might even discuss about it. Roberto Padovani

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