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Date: 6 Sep 2001 06:27:23 -0700
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Thanks, for your answer

Unfortunetly this can't be done in this case. As their are no "positions" at all. The only thing is that it has to create something like a pyramid. Is there a way to do this ?



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> One technique for reducing the number of inserts is to have a hierarchy for
> roles of people, not people themselves.
> One of the columns in this hierarchy table is Person_Id which is a foreign
> key. When a person leaves a role, the Person_ID is set to null, indicating
> the role is vacant. When a new person is named to the role, Person_ID is
> updated again.
> The other columns of the hierarchy table follow the nested set concept.
> Now, the only time we have to re do the nested sets themselves is when a
> new role is created. This is presumably less often than the reassignment
> of persons.
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