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Re: Find optimal way (I need a guidelight)

From: Antje en/and Bas <>
Date: Fri, 05 Jan 2001 23:11:34 +0100
Message-ID: <>

First of all, I want to let you know that at least someone read your message.

I don't feel like I'm a guru. Yet it seems that my answers in news groups are quite appreciated, projects I work on run mostly as they should - if it doesn't rely solely on me to finish them ;-) - and I am running a small firm with a partner on IT solutions now. The reason I don't feel guru is that I never really studied in this direction. Oh yes, some basic introduction into database theory, some specialist training in MS Access - not quite that bad as RDBMS as a side mark - but never in deep.

What has taught me much is answering questions. Questions posed by individuals, unknown to me, in the news forums; but also questions by collegues, like "how should I build this setup most easily" and "what exactly is the use of this table you have here". Be it said that I have some talent in explaining, even issues I don't fully grasp, but I can take from the question what is unclear, and uncover that. Maybe that is a guru feature indeed, so then I'm not a knowledge guru, but more a communications guru.

How is this supposed to help you?

If you have a talent similar to mine, see that you use it. Deepen your understanding by trying to come up with more than one solution to what you're working on. Challenge yourself by noting side features or flash thoughts as "could this maybe done quicker" or "would it also be possible to..." and spending some time on them. I often postponed "the real work" to do some examinations, try things, pla a bit, so that is about actual systems. You cannot really do this with theoretical issues - you cannot play with theory, unless on paper or in your head. Well, you can.

btw English is not my native language either. But, if someone spoke my language as you use english, I'd feel quite pleased. wrote:

> Hi everyone!!!
> I think that I have finally made a decision to devote my professional
> life in the DB aera ( Excuse me for possible mistakes - English is not
> my native language) After passing Brainbench certification on RDBMS I
> followed the link to improve my knowledge - now I'm here writing you my
> first (hope not the last one) message. It does not have a definite
> question - cause now I'm only starting all that stuff but hope in future
> I'll be an active participant of discussions:)
> 3 weeks ago I've decided that my knowledge of SQL is not as good as I
> want them to be, so I've read Grabber and then found a book SQL in 21
> day on The result is that I've passed Brainbench
> certification at master's level (4.08) I do understand that it is only
> theory and I need practice to improve my knowledge. I have such
> oppurtunity: This year I'm graduating institute and at the given moment
> I'm working at IT department as a software developer. It's new
> experience for me so the salary isn't large for now:))) Hope it will
> increse soon. I consider this job as a first step in getting the
> experience to become a 'guru'. I do understand that it is a long way and
> it consumes time. It is interesting for me and someday I'll reach my
> goal (though the more you know the more you understand that you now
> nothing:))) something like that - it does not confuse me)
> If you are not tired of reading this message full of gramatical mistakes:)
> I want to ask YOU. There are so many books now on the topic (DB) so from
> where should I start. It would be perfect to get a plan of self
> educating. I don't wanna waste time on the things that are not so
> important (I mean that if someone does not know the area he does not
> understand at first what is more important at the very beginning. One
> can be lost in details that are not important at this time)
> Hope to get some answer on my message.
> Thank you, Vadim.
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Received on Fri Jan 05 2001 - 16:11:34 CST

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