System Scale Up Advice Needed

From: Peter FitzGerald <>
Date: Mon, 20 Nov 2000 18:08:02 +1000
Message-ID: <3a18dc6a_at_grissom>

System Scale Up Advice Needed

We have slowly evolved a business system using MS access and as the backend tables are getting larger (300-400mb) with more users on line (8-12), we are finding that access is running out of puff and is increasingly erratic.

We wish to keep the same front end and link to a stronger backend to allow for more users

The current system is.

     Access 97 running 195 tables, 858 Queries, 506 Forms 450Reports, 80+ Macros & Modules

     Backend 300-400mb on a 350mhz Celeron server, 64meg ram 4 gig drive

     12PC's from 120mhz P1 to 666mhz Celerons

     10/100 switched hub

The required parameters are.

     LOWEST COST Possible, the man who owns the business had ONE 386 computer doing the books

     with a DOS accounting system for FIVE years before we started and NT / SQL-7 is not an option.

     I cannot justify 10's of thousands.

     Able to scale up to a 3-4 Gig backend, even in its current form it is doubling in size every year.

     More robust record locking , it is common for us to have a record locked because a machine has

     crashed or one of the production machines has taken out the mains power.

     This makes backups & shutdowns a nervous affair.

 Hoping somebody as a suggestion they can offer

Peter FitzGerald, Foxcraft Flags
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