Re: looking for database synchronization suggestions

From: G Bramfield <>
Date: Sat, 11 Nov 2000 02:05:46 GMT
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Hi Bob! Try the ng microsoft.public.access.replication, or, or FYI, Michael Kaplan is the creator of the TSI Synchronizer (handles replication/synchronization via visual basic code) and can usually be found at or

Hope this helps!

Regards, G!
Bob Maggio <> wrote in message
> I need to synchronize a couple of databases. They are different
> databases (one Access, the other SQL Server) but they have identical
> structures. There is also the possibility for additional instances in
> the future that reside on a different database product.
> I know Access and SQL contain some replication features, but can they
> work across different products?
> I would like to create a process (using Visual Basic) that handles the
> data synchronization. It is simple enough to write some code that
> compares each record with the corresponding database and copy it over if
> it is different. But I am not sure how to handle deleted records. For
> example if a record in database 1 was deleted, how would I know to
> delete it from database 2?
> Any suggestions on how to accomplish this?
> Is there any tools/utilities out there that could do this for me? It
> would need to be easy to use and inexpensive, as we don't have too many
> resources dedicated to this project.
> Thanks for any help.
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