Re: Web database access?

From: Mark Preston <>
Date: Mon, 21 Aug 2000 14:55:20 GMT
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Take a look for a JDBC driver or JDBC:ODBC bridge for Paradox. I think that Inprise (Borland) do one - Build an applet that runs your entry form. Use an OnCharacter event on the search term entry field. In your event, collect the full current search field text and pass it to a Java servelet running on your website. In the servelet, query your database in SQL over the JDBC driver / bridge. Return the results to the applet and in the applet update the contents of a scrolling table.

However, this involves a high traffic rate and you may wish to rethink the idea of per-character queries. Drop me a line if you would like to discuss this further, on a professional basis.

On Thu, 17 Aug 2000 16:25:27 GMT, "William Dandreta" <> wrote:

>I am working on a website for my company and we want part of the wesite to
>be a parts price list. For our internal use I have the parts listed in a
>Paradox table (over 100,000 items). The parts viewer program is designed so
>that as the user types in a part number, the 5 closest matches appear on the
>screen and it is automatically updated for each new character typed. In
>addition, the up and down arrow keys scan through the list so that if you
>hold a key down, you can see the 5 listed parts update on the screen. It is
>very easy and very fast to locate a part.
>I would like to have something similar on our website. I am new to web
>programming so I am looking for assistance on how to accomplish this with a
>web based database. Most of the websites I have seen that do similar things
>are slow and don't respone on a character by character basis.
>Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Mark A Preston BSc, FIAP
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