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Looking for a ISO 639-2, 4217, 3166-1, 3166-2 update service

From: Pavel <>
Date: 2000/06/01
Message-ID: <8h60qv$39q$>#1/1


I apologize in advance if this is not correct place to submit this post but I've tried hard to find any better. So if you know other news group which would be more appropriate I'd very appreciate if you could let me know.

We are looking for a service which would provide us for an update of the ISO Languages, Currencies, Countries and Subregions on the regular basis and in useful electronic format (coma separated list of the data separated of comments would be perfect example) which could be used by some sort of an automatic process.

So far what we have found is the number of places on the web where you can get (on-line or by request via e-mail) the data in some format (HTML is the best example but for others - scanned image of the document in Adobe Acrobat or Word format). The problem is that it's nearly impossible to write any automatic process to load the changes automatically. It's not a problem to clean up the data once for the first load but if it's required to do each time before "automatic" update then it's not automatic anymore. Unless we find some services to get the clean data we would probably end up updating them manually on the regular basis. The chances of a "human" error is relatively close in both cases .

Here is the list of the places we used:

ISO 639-2 (Languages) this is a site maintained by the US Library of Congress there are 2 pages that should be of interest: the actual code list and the change list

ISO 4217 (Currencies) This site is maintained by the British Standards Institute who has responsibility for the Maintenance of ISO4217. The site is under construction, however, they sent an MS word doc with the requested information

ISO3166-1 and ISO3166-2 (countries and sub-regions)
or (ISO3166-1 only)

Neither of them provide a clean data for an "automatic" loading. We would very appreciate if anybody could let us know if there are any services available and if not, let us know if it's reasonable to do the initial load and then just do the update on the regular basis manually.


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