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Re: How should I type my data- ZIP codes and States/Regions

From: Karl Hewlett <>
Date: 2000/04/20
Message-ID: <8dl6km$qc7$>#1/1

I have been unable to use some websites because they designers obviuosly don't realise not everyone uses a zip code or if they do not on in the US format. The zip code I use is (if space allows) "internationalise your form" because prior to using the internet did not realise we had them in New Zealand and could not tell you the code for my home town let alone the twon I am in now.


Gene Wirchenko <> wrote in message
> "David Cressey" <> wrote:
> >If you store ZIP codes as strings, then when you begin to want to store
> >Canadian Postal Codes,
> >you will be able to use the same column. If ZIP is numeric you will need
> >different column for
> >Canadian Postal Codes.
> . . . or if you then decide to use ZIP+4.
> Make the field a bit bigger to allow for other countrys' mail
> code systems. Remember when doing validation on the value to allow
> for the trailing blanks (if it's not a varying length field).
> >As far as state is concerned, the best bet is to use the same 2 letter
> >codes the US Postal Service does.
> >There are two letter codes for overseas territories, like PR = Puerto
> >and for
> >Canadian Provinces, like PQ = Quebec. I don't know where, but I'm sure
> >there's a website that
> >lists all of them.
> USPS publishes a ZIP book. The U.S. stuff will be in there. (Go
> to a good-sized library.) As to Canada:
> BC British Columbia
> AB Alberta
> SK Saskatchewan
> MB Manitoba
> ON Ontario
> QC Quebec
> PQ Quebec Yes, Quebec has two. This is the older one.
> PE Prince Edward Island
> NB New Brunswick
> NS Nova Scotia
> NF Newfoundland
> YT Yukon Territory
> NW Northwest Territory
> and I don't know the abbrev for Nunavut.
> [snipped previous]
> Sincerely,
> Gene Wirchenko
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